Dale Zink Meat Market 

is the only one location, owned and operated by the Dale Zink Meat family. The Zink Meat Market started in 1898. In 1961 Dale and Mary Zink took over full management of the Market. The business has been in the family for over 100 years! The original Dale Zink Meat Market started on Main Street in downtown Miamisburg, in 1976 they moved their only location to Riley Blvd. where the Market is currently thriving more than ever. Dale Zink Meat Market is a small family run business, Dale, his son Pete, his brother Zane and grandson Christopher, are the only butchers that cut, and produce our 50 foot case with our product. Dale's daughter's Kim, and Christi are manager of the deli. We have over 20 employees, many who have been with us long term and we consider them family. Zink Meat Market is proud of our Quality, Services, and good ol' fashioned charm! 


At Zink Meat Market we handle beef cuts, Indiana pork, and Gerber Amish chickens.

We also produce a full line of homemade products right at the store, including;

Deli salads, Pork & Beef loaf, Pepper loaf, Smokey beef, Ready to Bake Meat & Ham Loafs, Old fashioned Stick Bologna, Hot Polish, Bulk fresh sausage, Variety of Fresh Brats for the grill, and Zink's Steak Seasonings & Rubs!!!


At Dale Zink Meat Market, we take pride in helping our customers, and it is our privilege to provide our customers with high quality meats, homemade deli products, and one on one customer service from our family to yours. 

- Dale Zink, and Family